For initiating a bulk transfer follow the steps below:

  • Login to Open dashboard and go to Pay and click on Bulk Transfer.
  • Click on download to get the template on your computer

3. Enter the details in the file

  • Beneficiary name - The name of the user you want to transfer the money to. Don’t include any special characters in the beneficiary name.
  • Beneficiary account number - Enter the account number you want to transfer the amount to.
  • IFSC code - The IFSC code of the user’s bank account
  • Amount - Enter the amount you want to transfer. Don't add any special characters like ‘,’ in the amount cell. This will lead to a failed transaction.
  • Description / Purpose - The description you want to provide for the transactions.

4. Go to bulk transfer tab and upload the file

5. Select the account from which you want to initiate the transaction.

6. Enter the the total transaction value. It will be the sum of the all values entered in the bulk transfer file.

7. Click on Get OTP. OTP will reach the registered mobile number with ICICI.

8. Enter the OTP 

Click on upload. 

The status will change to initiated and the transaction will be processed within 1 hour.

Common errors in the bulk upload

  • There is an additional sheet in the bulk upload file. If there are multiple files or sheets, then the transaction will fail.
  • No special characters are allowed in the amount column. 
  • The second row is kept empty -  The second row after the heading must have some value. If the row is kept empty the file will not get processed.
  • The file format is wrong - The key is to stick to the format provided in the dashboard.
  • The details provided are wrong or the details are missing.
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