No, Open doesn't offer a zero balance current account. A Monthly Average Balance (MAB) will have to be maintained for the account.

ICICI offers various current account variants catered for your business needs. You can choose the variant which matches your requirements. 

Zero balance current accounts are only provided to companies that are:

  1. Private Limited

  2. Public Limited

  3. OPC

  4. LLP

  5. Partnership firms

There will be no minimum account balance charges in the first 2 months of opening the account for the businesses listed above. If the business makes a minimum of 3 transactions through the Open account every month for the first 2 months (each of value greater than or equal to Rs. 1000/-) then the period of NMAB charges will be extended to another 4 months.

It will be a normal current account after 6 months where you will have to maintain a minimum average balance (MAB).

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