If you wish to understand whether all your Tally payables are reflected on Open after clicking BankOpen Sync from Tally, here's a simple rule book for you:

  1. First List: In Tally, navigate to Display > Trial Balance > Current Liabilities > Sundry Creditor > here, you'll find list of all creditors to whom you are required to make payments. Here all your non-bill wise payables are listed. The same would be imported to Open.
  2. Second List: If you have 'Maintain Bill wise' feature enabled in Tally, navigate to Display > Statement of Accounts > Outstanding > Payables > here, you'll find list of all individual bills pending payment. These will also be reflected on Open.

Please note, the first list is a cumulative list of your Tally payables, including bills. If you have some sundry creditors appearing in both the lists, their individual bills from second list would show up on Open as it is, along with one payable with their remaining pending balance from the first list.

Also, note that any Dr. entry for a creditor means that you either need to receive the respective amount from that particular creditor or have already paid against a reference. So, Dr. entries are not considered as pending payment, and would not reflect on Open.

Hope this answers your query!

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