The Enterprise plain our advanced plan for our Enterprise users. The fee for this plan is ₹ 9999 / Year 

Features available under Enterprise plan are.

Business Current Account: 

  • Business current account powered by ICICI Bank. 

Invoicing Tool: 

  • Create GST compliant invoices with integrated payment links to receive payment from your customers
  • Auto payment reminders to remind your customer to pay on time.
  • Auto reconciliation of customer payments for invoices raised in Open 

Automated Bookkeeping: 

  • Automatically prepare your bookkeeping, GST & tax-filing without any accounting knowledge
  • Stay on top of your finances with powerful reports like cash flow reports, balance sheets and profit & loss statements

Tally plugin:

  • Make payments for Tally Payables and auto update payment entries in Tally. 

Charges & Fees:

  • Outgoing Bank transfers:₹ 0
  • For Payment Gateway Transactions: 1.8% + Tax. For Amex cards it's 3.5% + Tax.
  • Transactions via Virtual Accounts: ₹0

Multi bank Connect:

  • Connect all your bank accounts from 60+ Indian banks to view, reconcile & manage all your banking in one unified dashboard

Multi-user Approval flow:

  • Create and manage maker and checker approval flows as per your business needs


  • Smart payroll that lets you process & run your payroll automatically 

Developer API

  • APIs that lets developers easily integrate banking & payments into your applications or accounting systems.
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