Open is a business banking platform that combines everything from invoicing to banking, payroll and automated accounting in one place. It also offers the best of the classic banking services like (internet banking, cheque books, Debit card) along with these additional features.

Fast account opening 

You need 2 minutes to apply for an account online and your account will be opened after the ICICI Bank agent collects the required document from you. Meanwhile, you can collect payments for your business using Open payment gateway.

Automated book keeping
Automate your bookkeeping, GST and tax filing without any accounting knowledge.

Advanced tools
Built-in tools for invoicing, bulk pay-outs, payroll & an integrated online payment gateway

Open Duo card (coming soon)
Set limits and issue cards to employees and teams to manage expenses with ease. Use credit mode to get a 30-day credit line for your business spends.

Multi-user login  (coming soon)
your team members & accountants can login with their own username and password and see only the features that you enable for them.

The business bank accounts are provided in cooperation with ICICI bank.

* There might be delays in opening the accounts during bank holidays, extreme demand or in case your company structure is very complex.

Open Intro Video

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